These are the areas I Specialise in: 

  • relationship coaching - getting into one, enhancing the one you're in, deciding to leave one. Also relationship grief and learning about unhealthy patterns.

  • conflict resolution in relationships - in your love relationships, family, work or friends

  • overcoming anxiety - it doesn't have to be a major part of your life to be a problem

  • career progression and work confidence - effective communication, interview preparation

  • important life decisions - at work, home, parenting

  • overcoming fears such as flying or driving

  • breaking bad habits - disrupted sleep, smoking, exercise

  • parenting stress - how to help your children thrive by being the best you

  • managing stress and depression - impact on your health, work, family and relationships

  • conception & pregnancy difficulties - IVF, miscarriages, pregnancy anxiety

Who Are My Clients? 

I see men and women individually aged from 18-80, as well as couples and older teenagers. I also do short-term work with children to teach them relaxation tools for anxiety.

I would describe my clients as the 'walking well'; well-functioning people who simply need some support, strategies and guidance to help them through. 

Just as we can all eat and run but think nothing of seeing a personal trainer to enhance our fitness, so it is for our emotions. We can all think and feel ourselves but seeing a therapist can improve how we experience them and relate to others. 

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My experience

I have been working as a psychologist since I began working as a TAFE counsellor in 1999 and during that time I've worked with a wide and wonderful variety of clients through my business Mind Advantage from 2004 - 2011, and now through my private practice, The Friendly Psychologist.
I became a psychologist because people's stories fascinate me and I have an enormous amount of compassion and energy which I use to help people transform.

I combine traditional psychology methods (counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques or CBT) with fresh techniques such as meridian tapping, energy psychology and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and I like working intuitively to best suit you.
I have an ability to connect with almost everyone and my clinic has a safe, healing, warm and often humourous atmosphere from which you can create change. 

I love helping my clients overcome issues in their life as well as helping them plan for the future in a solution-focused way, and add a coaching component to sessions when required, having completed coaching qualifications back in 2005. 
Working with corporate groups to improve their leadership teams, working relationships and wellbeing at work is another focus.

Media & Special Projects

I have a passion for educating people about the value of paying attention to their emotional health as I believe it's often neglected, and I enjoy delivering positive messages to the wider public in a warm and easy-to-digest manner. 

I have worked in the media almost my entire career, with roles including:

  • eHarmony's Dating & Relationships Expert

  • resident psychologist for CLEO & Yours Magazines

  • writing for Wellbeing and marie claire magazines

  • fortnightly guest on 702 Evenings with Andrew Daddo

  • resident psychologist on MORNINGS (Channel 9) with David Campbell & Sonia Kruger appearing regularly for 3 years

  • Appearing in the documentary All I Need which was hosted by Andrew Daddo

  • supplying expert commentary for various publications including Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Life, Good Health Magazine, Sunday Telegraph, Diabetic Living, Women's Fitness, Junior Magazine, and many others

  • working with writers such as Dannielle Miller (Enlighten Education) and Nina Funnell

  • several appearances on Channel 10 News and the now-defunct Breakfast program as well as A Current Affair

  • appearing regularly on ABC radio, 2GB and 2UE for professional commentary

  • member of the Simple Advisory Board for three years, focusing on the effects stress can have on your health, including your skin