Cutting edge companies are realising that to have a productive workforce, They need workers that feel valued, acknowledged and healthy. 

Not only is it beneficial for the individual and their loved ones if they learn ways to improve their emotional health, but it is fantastic for the bottom-line, retention rates and willingness of their employees to go the extra mile at work.  

I work with corporate clients by negotiation and will design a program to suit you. 

Workshops I have run in the past include: 

  • What is blocking happiness at home and work? 
  • Stress and how to manage it 
  • Can you improve your health through emotional well being? 
  • Work-life balance - what does it mean and how do we get there? 

Past corporate clients include: 

  • IKEA
  • Telstra - click to see published Telstra piece
  • Unilever
  • IAG
  • The Accidental Counsellor 

Contact Jacqui now to discuss how to increase your joy at work.