Below you'll find a handful of stories from some of the men and women who have learned tapping from me and applied it to their own lives...  


You were absolutely amazing with me and to be honest I have gone from strength to strength since my sessions with you and since learning the tapping. I have been singing your praises to everyone who will listen!

- Stacey


Goal setting

Since starting my own business four months ago, even though I had my partner to support me, I lacked an inner confidence to achieve my goals. I was introduced to tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Jacqui Manning and through using this technique regularly, my confidence in myself has grown to a level that allows me to know that I can do it. At first, I was a bit unsure of how EFT could help me achieve my goals in business and in my personal life, but by carrying out the techniques on a regular basis, I have seen a marked difference in my self confidence in and out of work.

Since my first session in EFT (4 months ago), my business gross sales are up 43.3%, the store’s customer count is up 48.2% and store productivity is up 45.4%. I was awarded Subway Franchisee of the Month for February (out of 107 stores) and the national marketing company is running an advert and editorial using me as their ‘model’ store in Franchising magazine.

The best points regarding EFT are that my stress levels have reduced, even though my work load and pressures have increased and I find time to relax and spend quality time with my partner and close friends. I have much more confidence in myself as a business person and in me achieving my goals.

Tapping is a tool that can be used for any life situation, with amazing positive results. I am very grateful that EFT was introduced to me and I can look forward to a brighter future.



- Kayte Strong, Sydney


Wellbeing at work

For the past few years, I had been planning to talk to some professionals about my inability to “switch off” from work in my personal life, and be able to enjoy my free time without stressing about work. From the very first phone call, I was made to feel completely at ease, and from the first session I knew that the time, money and energy going in would be more than repaid.


I was introduced to tapping in my first session. I began using this immediately as a way to cope with my everyday stress, and continue to use it every day. I find it extremely helpful in maintaining my positive energy flow.

Each session was invaluable in terms of what I gained. My perspective was certainly enhanced, I was able to prioritise important things in my life, I learned what my core values are, and I learned about my body’s energy system and what activities allow me to release my bad energy. All of these learnings now allow me to deal with stressful work situations much more effectively.

I would strongly recommend Jacqui Manning for people who are experiencing stress in the workplace, and are seeking an alternative method of coping with these common issues. She certainly has helped me, and no doubt the sessions and activities can help others in similar situations.

– Grant, Chiswick


Quitting cigarettes

My love/hate relationship with this habit of mine (30 Cigarettes per day) was a constant pre-occupation.  I had a running debate going on in my head for years: ‘I have to quit’, ‘I know I won’t be able to quit’, (I had lots of previous unsuccessful attempts under my belt as evidence of this!), ‘I don’t want to quit’, ‘I have to quit’, ‘I’ll ‘try’ to quit again soon’.  It was exhausting.

I set many quit dates and as those dates approached my anxiety level would escalate at the thought of parting ways with such a loyal and constant companion and anxious about the inevitable battle of will it would require.

Quitting felt like a battle looming…a contest of mind over matter and I suspected my mind would just not be strong enough against this matter of my addiction.

I had tried just about everything.

Then I contacted Jacqui Manning and worked with the tapping/EFT principles amongst other tools.

As it turned out quitting was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done!

Quitting turned out to be a bi-product of becoming a healthier happier more joy-filled person. After working with Jacqui for a while my smoking habit just painlessly and naturally walked out of my life one day and has never come back!

I am forever grateful to Jacqui and tapping.  Not only have I successfully quit smoking, I have learnt skills that I apply to my every day life. And my life seems to be ever increasing in joy and purpose.

- Meg Gosson

This link will take you to a story I wrote for Gary Craig's website about Meg after she'd seen me for 6 sessions. My most recent contact with Meg was at the end of 2014, and I'm happy to report she is still smoke-free 8 years later! :)


Conquering anxiety and panic attacks                          

A HUGE thank you for introducing me to EFT, and for your help and expertise. I have conquered my panic attacks, and am back in the UK with a great boyfriend, flat and fantastic job!

– Sally Mair


When I first arrived to see Jacqui I was having regular panic attacks and was so scared about everything. I was skeptical about EFT as I had never even heard about this kind of thing and had always had little time for alternatives. But within one session I felt a positive effect. I totally believe that something was looking out for me and it was my time to find my goal of happiness. I’m so glad that I’ve identified so much about who I am and why I am that way and I really look forward to unlocking more of my true potential. I’m starting to love myself more. I really hope that you are going well and will never forget the effect that you had on my life… the rest is up to me…Jacqui gave me a new direction and I will always be so relieved and grateful for that.

– Kevin, who had 4 sessions with Jacqui Manning before he returned home to the UK



Tapping lasts forever  

Jacqui was recommended by a good friend about six years ago when I was at a bit of a low ebb.

I remember being introduced to tapping in our first session and thinking how lame it looked, actually lame was an understatement. Well that 'lame' technique has definitely helped me so much over the years. 

I have not seen Jacqui since 2007 but I am still tapping when I need to. I even use the technique on my partner to help with her migraines. 

Jacqui's tapping and life advice has allowed me to better cope with life's stresses, recover faster and move beyond things I previously would have been hung up on.

Tapping has allowed me to get the things I really always wanted in life but previously avoided both personally and professionally. 

Thank you Jacqui Manning

Tap tap tap....

 - John Borg


I’ve always suffered from anxiety, although I didn’t know it back then. I remember experiencing a debilitating fear of all things I didn’t understand when I was about 9 or 10, and sometimes I would have episodes where I couldn’t even watch cartoon’s because of the anxiety and fear they would bring up.

As I got older the attacks got worse, where I wouldn’t be able to sleep and all sense of logic went out the window. I was usually over it by the next morning, so I didn’t really do anything to follow up on why it had happened, or what it actually was. Sometimes they came on at a time of change in my life, sometimes it was over nothing at all.

The mother of all anxiety attacks hit me on New Year’s Eve 2006 (going into 2007). It was a usual night, we were celebrating at Surfer’s Paradise (I’m from Sydney), I had a few glasses of champagne, (quite) a few cigarettes (I was a smoker then) and a wonderful dinner with my boyfriend and best friend. At about 12.30 am I felt like this thing exploded in my stomach. It felt like I had taken drugs, and was getting the ‘rush’.

But it didn’t subside, it kept building and building and I didn’t know what to do. I told my boyfriend and best friend that I felt sick and went to the bathroom. I was so paranoid that I had something in my stomach that I brought everything I could up, and didn’t feel any better. I was scared, nervous, paranoid, something was happening to me and I couldn’t stop it or control it.

I couldn’t sleep that night, and had trouble every other night after that. I didn’t eat properly, due to a fear that someone had put drugs or the like in my food, I refused to eat anything with sugar in it, as I didn’t want to have a ‘sugar-high’ for fear that it would bring on an anxiety attack and I developed a fear of flying, so the flight back to Sydney was horrifying. Every night upon my return was the same:
I would stay awake as long as I could, and sleep with the TV on. My anxiety turned into irrational thoughts and I was always carrying this fear: fear of the unknown, fear of what was happening to me. I started going to the gym every day, as I thought this would make me exhausted enough to sleep each night. Due to my new eating habits and the exercise I managed to lose 15 kilos (silver lining I guess!).

I eventually got referred to Jacqui Manning in Balmain, and she was able to fit me in the next day that I spoke to her. Straight away she explained how EFT/tapping works and its benefits and we got started.

I worked through all the apparent issues I had, from childhood to now. It was hard, emotionally draining work, but eventually (with homework set by Jacqui, to do at least 15 minutes of tapping each and every night) the feeling of foreboding I had been carrying with me started to disappear. When I felt another attack come on, no matter where I was, I would start tapping. When I was angry or upset or being irrational, I started tapping, each time until I could deal with the problem. My anxiety didn’t control me anymore. I was able to go on a plane again. As nervous as I was the first time after the ‘end-all-be-all’ anxiety attack in QLD I looked at the plane from a whole new angle. It was an incredible engineering feat, and even through turbulence I felt ok, even landing at night, through one of the worst lightening storms Brisbane had seen in years I was ok, I even wanted to take photos out the window of the clouds and lightening! I started eating out again, I started living again. I didn’t drink alcohol for over a year when I had my anxiety as I was scared what it would do to me, but now I was able to enjoy a drink with friends, without the fear (and sometimes even get a little tipsy!).

I’m not saying I am cured. This is a part of me, and I will have this for life. I still occasionally have a slip-up, and my anxiety returns. I slip back into not eating or over-exercising. But at the same time I'm tap-tap-tapping away.

I only saw Jacqui for around 10-11 sessions, and she has changed my life. Tapping is a life-long technique that I’m so glad I learned now, in my younger years. It’s a tool that I will return to, and do now, throughout the rest of my life, and all it’s challenges along the way.”

- Lucy