How is your relationship? Do you know what you want? Are you happy? 

As well as being the eHarmony's Dating and Relationship expert, my clients often come to see me about relationship issues. The main questions I get asked are: 

  • How do I get into one?
  • How do I decide if I'm in the right one for me? 
  • How do I improve the one I'm in? 
  • How do I leave my relationship? 
  • Can we improve how we communicate? 

I see individuals and couples. 

And it's not just a love relationship that's important to discuss. Your relationships with your family, your children, your co-workers and last (but certainly not least) yourself are what can determine your happiness in this world.

We put the expectation on our own shoulders that we should just know how to 'do' a relationship, but I'd like to ask why? And how? Our parents and caregivers did their best, however often what they taught us wasn't terribly healthy or functional.  

Taking the time to understand your relationship patterns and triggers will help free up your belief systems about who you are in relationships and what you are looking for. Contact Jacqui now to ask a question or call 02 9555 8806 to book in.